jeudi 19 novembre 2020

Scrum Guide 2020 : a global soft skills set [nov 2020]

For the 25 years of Scrum, the Scrum Guide 2020 [1] was released yesterday at a worldwide visio event, making Zoom exceed its capacity limits.

Their authors, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland [2], have acknowledged that "over the years, [even] the Scrum Guide has started getting a bit more prescriptive. So "the 2020 version aims to bring Scrum back to being a minimally sufficient framework".

And as a matter of fact, the guide went down from 20 pages to 13 pages, making it a more concise and robust framework [3].

But at the same time, Scrum Guide 2020 is released in 40 + languages [1], including vietnamese*. 

And this is the reason why we expect that Scrum mutate into a global soft skills set applicable not only to IT businesses but to all types of businesses [4].

An evolution to compare to another framework which aims to help companies to be agile,  the framework SAFe edited by Scaled Agile, and of which version 5.0 was released earlier this year [5].

* The author is a Vietnamese French management consultant and designer

[2] Agile : creative business opportunities, L'entreprise numérique créative,
[3] The Manifesto for agile software development, 2001, (signed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland) is 2 pages.
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[5] Implement SAFe®, but with French soft skills (post in French)
 Mettre en oeuvre le référentiel SAFe®, mais avec les soft skills français, Gouvernance numérique de l'entreprise créative, 6 novembre 2020

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