dimanche 19 juin 2016

Neutralité d'Internet : consultation publique lancée par l'ORECE

Following the EU law to safeguard open internet access, and commonly referred to as the Telecoms Single Market Regulation adopted in November 2015, the draft BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation by National Regulators of European Net Neutrality Rules has been published on June 6. 2016 for consultation.
The role of public consultation is to provide BEREC with valuable feedback from stakeholders and to increase transparency.

In accordance with the BEREC's policy on public consultation, BEREC will publish a summary of all contributions received, respecting any confidentiality requests.

BEREC will publish all individual contributions on its website, taking into account any stakeholder request for the response to be kept confidential or for BEREC not to publish of personal data.

Any such requests should be clearly indicated in the contributions submitted. It is also possible to send both a confidential and a public version.

The public consultation will run from 6 June 14:00 (CET) to 18 July 14:00 (CET) 2016.
All stakeholders are invited to submit their contributions by 18 July 14:00 (CET) 2016 to e-mail: NN-Consultation@berec.europa.eu

(...) An automatic confirmation will be sent upon receiving your contribution.
If you do not receive such confirmation it means that your contribution has not been received.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders to submit their contributions as early as possible and not leave it until the end of the consultation period.

Note : 
ORECE : Organe des régulateurs européens des communications électroniques  
BEREC : Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications

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