vendredi 22 octobre 2021

EdTech : the burst of the learning value chain [oct 2021]

October 2021 : $200 millions raised by the French EdTech 360Learning

6 months ago, in April 2021,  $80 millions were raised by another French EdTech,  OpenClassroom

Keeping in memory that in April 2019, 360Learning raised $41 millions  and that in May 2018, OpenClassroom raised $60 millions [1], the question of which EdTech business model would emerge first from the burst of the training value chain,  the "Corporate Learning Platform Model" or the "Public Academy Model", is still live.

How about looking for an answer at the investors : Bpifrance, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Educapital, General Atlantic, GSV Ventures, ISAI, Lumos Capital Group, Salesforce Ventures, Silver Lake Waterman, SoftBank, Sumeru Equity Partners, Vision Fund 2, Xange,...

Whatever the answer,  big applause to the French entrepreneurs Nick Hernandez (X2007), Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra.

Such an applause was given to 360Learning by Josh Bersin, a seasoned consultant who nurtures a site on EdTech. 

At the post where Josh has proposed some features for the ideal learning platform [2], we have suggested that he should add two features : 

1. a feature to help separating commons from copyrighted content.
2. a feature to help giving the fair credit to sources

[1] EdTech ou la désintégration de la chaine de valeur de la formation professionnelle X-Open-Innovation, avril 2019

[2]A New Category Emerges: The Creator Platform For Corporate Learning by Josh Bersin, July 22, 2021, Josh Bersin ·

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