lundi 30 avril 2018

Innovation games® : a portfolio of Agile product management consulting tools [avr. 2018]

Innovation games® [1] is a set  of twelve marketing consulting tools created by Luke Hohmann [2], product management consultant who revealed the tools in a book published in 2006 [3].

The tools describe a process to interview the customers of the consultant's client.
Some tools might use usual coaching material (stickers, white boards,...) to raise collective intelligence with the customers of the consultant's client.

The tools have been named to recall the consulting process / material [4].
  • Spiderweb 
  • Prune the product tree 
  • Buy a feature 
  • Speed boat 
  • 20/20 vision 
  • Give them a hot tub
  • Product box 
  • Start your day
  • Remember the future 
  • Show and tell
  • Me and my shadow
  • The apprentice 

[1] Innovation games is a registered trademark of Enthiosys, Inc, USA (source USPTO / TESS)
[2] Luke Hohmann is founder / CEO of Conteneo, Inc, USA. Formely, he was CEO of Enthiosys that he also founded.
[3] Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play, Luke Hohmann, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2006.

Mise à jour octobre 2018
[1]A taxonomy for Agile games  : a POC with the Innovation Games business tools

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