samedi 25 mai 2019

Teaming in an Enterprise Adventure Game to address the new copyright paradigme [mai 2019]

For European professionals and enterprises operating in Europe, a sea change is  the new paradigme caused by the European Union Directive for Copyright.

An Enterprise Adventure Game [1] equipped with a physical and digital workplace [2]  is an efficient tool for professionals and entreprises to make a decisive step into this paradigme.

When embarked into the game, junior professionals, who have been trained during their middle studies at fair copyright use [3], and seasoned professionals from the media, entertainment and luxury industries, can help professionals from other industries for their journey towards the value of copyright.

Such an Enterprise Adventure game is Copyright Value Added - The Game  [4].

As the game was created by Tru Do-Khac, founder of X-Intellectual-Property and X-Open-Innovation, two think tanks accredited by Ecole Polytechnique alumni association (AX), the game coaching team might include several professionals from the alumni association [5].

[1] Definition : Enterprise Adventure Game, L'entreprise numérique créative, 31 juin 2019
[2] A three layers digital and physical workplace model,  L'enterprise numérique créative, 31 mars 2019
[3] BAC français : un test de connaissances pour l'épreuve de commentaire de texte, 16 juin 2018, X-Propriété-Intellectuelle
[4] Copyright Value Added - The Game Version 2, Do-Khac Decision, 2019
[5] X-Intellectual-Property.  Other AX groups include X-Diversity

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