mercredi 30 mai 2018

a "bio SEO" case while marketing an Agile game [mai 2018]

How responsive is Google to a natural search engine optimization  (bio SEO) ?

Here is a case : an Agile game announced  at VivaTech (Paris, May 24-26 2018), which took place at Paris one month after the World intellectual property (IP) day (April 26. 2018).
  • The Agile game name is Protect IP / Share IP and the game is used to manage innovation [1] ;
  • For the world IP day, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) campaign features the tag line "Protect your IP well, so you can share it with the world" [2] ;
  • At VivaTech, there were more than 40 global innovating brands which were eager to listen to disruptive ideas [3].
The result, 6 days later :
some posts of the Agile game "Protect IP Share IP" franchisor can be seen at 3rd, 8th  and 10th position upon a Google Image search with [Agile game 2018].

[1] The "Protect IP / Share IP" Agile game at VivaTech
[2] Le modèle "Protéger / partager la propriété intellectuelle (PI)" interprété par l'EUIPO
[3] At VivaTech, among brands tag lines, an INPI tag line

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