dimanche 8 janvier 2023

With AI (ChatGPT), innovate in soft skills [jan 2023]

On decembre 14. 2022, we asked ChatGPT whether it can help to innovate.

Upon his response, we tested it right away with questions on soft skills, a domain where we have recently made some research [a]. 

The answers have been shared in various blogs.

[a] SensSoftSkills, un référentiel de soft skills pour managers de proximité, Do-Khac Decision [août 2022]

Question N°1 to ChatGPT
Let be a "Grande Ecole d'ingénieurs" intending to develop an innovative soft skills curriculum for its students. How should the Grande Ecole d'Ingénieurs proceed ?
Question N°2 to ChatGPT
Hello ChatGPT, please write an inspiring speech on soft skills.
Question N°3 to ChatGPT
Hello ChatGPT, thank you for your sonnet "the status of ChatGPT".  Please write a sonnet about soft skills.
Question N°4 to ChatGPT
Hello ChatGPT, how would you proceed to design and develop a framework to help enterprises tasked to develop their employees' soft skills ? (...)
A framework helps to organise the "combination of classroom training, online learning modules, and real-world exercises and activities". It is used as a compass for both employees to plan their journey in the training program, and managers to source the various services and materials building the program.
Question N°5 to ChatGPT
Hello ChatGPT, a taxonomy of soft skills should help employees to choose the soft skills training modules they need. What would you suggest as a taxonomy with five classes ?
Question N°6 to ChatGPT
What soft skills may maths drills develop ?

 Direct access to ChatGPT answers

[1] Can ChatGPT help you to innovate ? A case on Grandes Ecoles d'Ingénieurs ? X-Open-Innovation, dec 2022. 
[2] Serendipities when discussing with ChatGPT of OpenAI, Serendipities on digital social networks
[3] Artificial intelligence creativity : ChatGPT's sonnet on soft skills, L'entreprise numérique créative
[4] Engaging artificial intelligence for human ressources governance, Gouvernance numérique de l'entreprise créative
[5] A 5 classes taxonomy for soft skills, by ChatGPT of OpenAI, Gouvernance numérique de l'entreprise créative
[6]  Les soft skills développées par l'exercice des mathématiques, selon ChatGPT de OpenAI, Le sens et le goût des maths au collège

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